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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 09/14/17 Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) Surface Mount Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) > MLN Series MLN SurgeArray TM Suppressor RoHS Description The MLN SurgeArray Suppressor is designed to help protect components from transient voltages that exist at the circuit board level. This device provides four independent suppressors in a single leadless chip in order to reduce part count and placement time as well as save space on printed circuit boards. SurgeArray Suppressor are intended to suppress ESD, EFT and other transients in order to protect integrated circuits or other sensitive components operating at any voltage up to 18V DC . SurgeArray Suppressor are rated to the IEC 61000-4-2 human body model ESD to help products attain EMC compliance. The array offers excellent isolation and low crosstalk between sections. The inherent capacitance of the SurgeArray Suppressor permits it to function as a filter/suppressor, thereby replacing separate Zener/capacitor combinations. The MLN array is manufactured using the Littelfuse Multilayer technology process and is similar to the Littelfuse ML and MLE Series of discrete leadless chips. Features RoHS Compliant Four individual devices in one chip ESD rated to IEC 61000-4-2 (Level 4) AC characterized for impedance and capacitance Low adjacent channel crosstalk, -55dB at 10MHz (Typ) Low leakage Operating voltage up to 18V M(DC) -55C to 125C operating temp range Low-profile, PCMCIA compatible Applications Data, Diagnostic I/O Ports Analog Signal/ Sensor Lines Portable/Hand- Held Products Mobile Communications/ Cellular Phones Computer/DSP Products Industrial Instruments Including Medical Size Table Metric EIA 3216 1206 Absolute Maximum Ratings Continuous MLN Series Units Steady State Applied Voltage: DC Voltage Range (V M(DC) ) 5.5 - 18 V Operating Ambient Temperature Range (T A ) -55 to +125 C Storage Temperature Range (T STG ) -55 to +150 C Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources For ratings of individual members of a series, see device ratings and specifications table.

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