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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 09/14/17 Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) Surface Mount Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) > 0201 MLA Series 0201 MLA Varistor Series Description New 0201-size MLA Multi-Layer Varistor (MLV) series can protect small electronic products from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrically fast transients (EFT). It's ultra-compact 0201 size, the smallest form factor available for MLV devices, is ideal for compact handheld products. The MLA Series is manufactured from semiconducting ceramics, and is supplied in a leadless, surface mount package. Plating consists of Silver base material (which is fired on to the Zno dialectric), Nickel barrier plated under-layer and Matte-Tin outer surface plate. Features Ultra-small 0201 size for minimal board space Low capacitance (33pF) for high data rates to minimize signal distortion Meets IEC 61000- 4-2 for ESD Low leakage (<25a) Multilayer ceramic construction technology Inherently Bi-directional Stable performance over wide operating and storage temperature range -40C to +85C Operating voltage V M(DC) = 5.5V Rated for surge current (8 x 20 s) Pb-Free and RoHS Compliant Applications Absolute Maximum Ratings Steady State Applied Voltage: Unit Maximum DC Voltage (V M(DC) ) 5.5 V Maximum AC Voltage (V M(AC)RMS ) 4.0 V Transient: Non-Repetitive Surge Current, 8/20 s Waveform, (I TM ) 4.0 A Temperature: Operating Ambient Temperature Range (T A ) -40 to +85 C Storage Temperature Range (T STG ) -40 to +85 C Portable / handheld electronic devices Mobile communications / cellular phones USB, video and audio ports Analog signal / sensor lines Data, diagnostic I/O ports Computer / DSP products Industrial instruments including non-life sustaing medical equipment Device Ratings and Specifications Part Number Maximum Ratings @ + 85 C Specifications @ +25 C Maximum Continuous Working Voltage Maximum Non- repetitive Surge Current (8/20 s) Maximum Clamping Voltage at 1A (8/20 s) Nominal Voltage at 1mA DC Test Current Typical Capacitance at f = 1MHz V M(DC) V M(AC) I TM V C V N(DC) Min V N(DC) Max C (V) (A) (V) (pF) V5.5MLA020133FR 5.5 4.0 1 28.0* 8.0 14.0 33.0 V5.5MLA020133NR 5.5 4.0 1 28.0* 8.0 14.0 33.0 V5.5MLA020147NR 5.5 4.0 1 26.0* 8.0 14.0 47.0 V5.5MLA020164NR 5.5 4.0 1 26.0* 8.0 14.0 64.0 Notes: - Typical leakage at 25C at V M(DC) : 0201 size <10 A typical, <25 A maximum - End surface finish of Tin with Nickel barrier on Silver base material - Standard packing quantity 10,000 per reel, 7" reel RoHS Pb Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources

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