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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 09/14/17 Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) Varistor Application Guides MARKET SEGMENT TYPICAL APPLICATIONS AND CIRCUIT EXAMPLES DEVICE FAMILY OR SERIES TECHNOLOGY SURFACE MOUNT PRODUCTs Low Voltage, Board Level Products Hand-Held/Portable Devices EDP Computer I/O Port and Interfaces Controllers Instrumentation Remote Sensors Medical Electronics, Etc. CH MOV MA, ZA, RA MOV ML, MLE, MLN, MHS MLV AC Line, TVSS Products UPS AC Panels AC Power Taps TVSS Devices AC Appliance/Controls Power Meters Power Supplies Circuit Breakers Consumer Electronics TMOV , UltraMOV, C-111, LA, HA, HB, HG, HF, DHB, TMOV34S , RA MOV CH MOV Automotive Electronics ABS EEC Instrument Center Air Bag Window Control/ Wiper Modules Body Controllers Multiplex Bus EFI CH MOV ZA MOV AUML, ML, MLE, MLN, MHS MLV Telecommunictions Products Cellular/Cordless Phone Modems Secondary Phone Line Protectors Data Line Connectors Repeaters Line Cards COE T1/E1/ISDN CH MOV ZA MOV ML, MLE, MLN, MHS MLV Industrial High Energy AC Products High Current Relays Solenoids Motor Drives AC Distrbution Panels Robotics Large Motors/Pumps/ Compressors DA/DB, BA/BB, CA, HA, HB, HC, HG, HF, DHB, TMOV34S MOV Available in both surfacemount and through-hole packages. Introduction to Overvoltage Suppression To assure reliable operation, transient voltage suppression should be considered at early stages of the design process. This can be a complex task as electronic components are increasingly sensitive to stray electrical transients. The designer must define the types of transient threats and determine what applications are needed while meeting the product agency norms and standards. Varistors are increasingly used as the front-line solution for transient surge protection. Littelfuse provides expertise to the designer and offers the broadest range of circuit protection technologies to choose from. Littelfuse varistors are available in a variety of forms to serve a wide range of applications. Options include ultra small surface mount multi-layer suppressor (MLV) devices for small electronics applications, and traditional mid- range metal-oxide (MOV) radial and axial leaded devices for protection of small machinery, power sources and components. Littelfuse also offers larger terminal mount MOVs for industrial applications. A more recent innovation to the the Littelfuse product line, MLVs address a specific part of the transient voltage spectrum - the circuit board level environment where, although lower in energy, transients from ESD, inductive load switching, and even lightning surge remnants would otherwise reach sensitive integrated circuits. Each of these events can relate to a product's ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC), or its immunity to transients that could cause damage or malfunction. Littelfuse offers five distinct versions of MLVs including the MHS Series ESD Suppressor for high data rates, the ML Series which supports the broadest application range, the MLE Series intended for ESD while providing filter functions, the MLN Series Quad Array in a 1206 & 0805 chip and the AUML Series characterized for the specific transients found in automotive electronic systems. This catalog and design guide includes selection tables, technology tutorials, and detailed product technical information, to aid you in choosing the correct Littelfuse Varistor to serve your application. Please visit regularly to find the most current Littelfuse varistor product information. Additional design support information can be found at

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