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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 09/14/17 Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) Radial Lead Varistors > C-III Varistor Series Part Numbering System XX For "VARISTOR" V M(AC) (Three or four digits -- 130V to 1,000V) V XXXX LA C RELATIVE ENERGY INDICATOR (One or Two Digits) C-III SERIES DESIGNATOR LEAD-FREE, HALOGEN-FREE AND RoHS COMPLIANT INDICATOR P See OPTIONS CODES notes below XXXXX OPTION CODES (See notes below) BASE PART CODES (See Ratings & Specifications tables and notes below) SERIES + PACKAGING / LEAD STYLE DESIGNATOR (See BASE PART CODES notes below) L A = Bulk Pack / Straight Leads (standard) L C = Bulk Pack / Crimped and Trimmed Leads L S = Tape and Reel / Straight Leads L T = Tape and Reel / Crimped Leads L U = Tape and Reel / Under-Crimped Leads Ordering Notes: Device Size Voltage Quantity Per Reel "T" Reel "S" Reel "U"Reel 10mm ALL 500 14mm 275V 500 275V 400 20mm 275V 500 275V 400 Series + Packaging / Lead Style Designators: Ordering examples: Straight Lead Bulk Pack (standard) Straight Lead Tape & Reel Crimped & Trimmed Lead Bulk Pack Under-Crimp Lead Tape & Reel V130 LA 20CP V130 LS 20CP V130 LC 20CP V130 LU 20CP Standard Model Order As V130LA20CP V130LA20CP X10 Littelfuse C-III Series varistors are shipped standard in bulk pack with straight leads and lead spacing outlined in the Package Dimensions section of this data sheet. Tape & Reel Quantities: Crimped leads are standard on LA Series varistors supplied in tape and reel, denoted with "LT." "LC" style is supplied in bulk only. "LU" style is supplied in tape & reel only. For crimped leads without trimming and any varitions other than that described above, please contact Littelfuse. For standard parts, use the BASE PART designator only. For parts with non-standard options (such as additional form, packaging and lead space options), use BASE PART + OPTION CODE . OPTION CODE items are subject to availability and minimum order requirements. Please contact a Littelfuse products representative for additional information or questions BASE PART CODES: OPTION CODES: Standard Model Order As V130LA20CP V130LA20CP X2855 Packaging and Quantities: X10: 10MM LEAD SPACING OPTION -- For 10 (-/+1)mm lead spacing (available on 20mm diameter models only), append standard model BASE PART number with "X10." Example: X2855: Nickel Barrier COATED WIRE OPTION -- All standard parts use tinned copper clad steel wire. Nickel Barrier Coated wire is available as an option, consisting of Copper wire with a flashing of Nickel followed by a top coating of Tin. To order append standard model BASE PART number with "X2855." Example: X1347: Hi-Temperature phenolic coating option -- Phenolic Coated C-III Series devices are available with improved maximum operating maximum temperature of 125C. To order, add X1347 to end of part number (Example: V230LA40CPX1347). For additional information please refer to the section labeled "Phenolic Coating Option" on the third page of this document under the "Electrical Characteristics" table.

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