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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 09/14/17 Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) Radial Lead Varistors > UltraMOV Varistor Series Tape & Reel Quantity Varistor Voltage Shipping Quantity Per Reel 7mm 10mm 14mm 20mm 130 - 275 1000 500 300 - 625 1000 500 400 Part Numbering System NONSTANDARD LEAD SPACING OPTIONS: Blank: OTHER NONSTANDARD OPTIONS X2855: Nickel barrier coated wire option (see notes below) Standard lead spacing (see Dimensions Table) 5: 5mm Lead Spacing 7: 7.5mm Lead Spacing 1: 10mm Lead Spacing PACKAGING: B: Bulk Pack T: Tape and Reel A: Ammo Pack LEAD FORMATION: L1: Straight L2: Crimped L3: In-Line L4: Trim/Crimp (Bulk pack only) ENCAPSULATION: E = Epoxy P = Phenolic (Halogen Free) V M(AC)RMS : 130 to 625 (V) DISC DIAMETER: 07, 10, 14, or 20 (mm) For "VARISTOR" V XX E XXX LX X X UltraMOV is a trademark of Littelfuse, Inc. P LEAD-FREE, HALOGEN-FREE AND RoHS COMPLIANT INDICATOR OPTION CODES (See notes below) BASE PART CODES (See Ratings & Specifications tables and notes below) XXXXX Standard Part Default Conditions Device Size Part # Lead Space Packaging 7mm V07E- 5.0-/+1 Bulk 10mm V10E- 7.5-/+1 Bulk 14mm V14E- 7.5-/+1 Bulk 20mm V20E- 10.0-/+1 Bulk For standard parts, use the BASE PART designator only. For parts with non-standard options (such as additional form, packaging and lead space options) use, BASE PART + OPTION CODE . OPTION CODE items are subject to availability and minimum order requirements. Please contact a Littelfuse representative if you require additional information Ordering Notes: Littelfuse UltraMOV varistors are shipped standard in bulk pack with straight leads and lead spacing outlined in the dimensions sections of this document. Contact a Littelfuse representative to discuss non-standard options. PACKAGING: OPTION CODES: X2855: Nickel Barrier COATED WIRE OPTION All standard parts use tinned copper clad steel wire. Nickel Barrier Coated Wire is available as an option, consisting of Copper Wire with a flashing of Nickel followed by a top coating of Tin. To order: append standard model BASE PART number with "X2855." Example: Standard Model Order As V18ZA40P V18ZA40P X2855 Standard Bulk Pack Quantity Varistor Voltage Standard Bulk Pack Quantity Varistor Model Size 7mm 10mm 14mm 20mm 130 - 275 1500 1000 700 500 300 - 460 1500 700 600 400 510 - 625 1500 700 500 400

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