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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 02/23/17 TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) General Purpose ESD Protection - SP1006 Series Description Applications Zener diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD). These robust diodes can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes at 30kV (contact discharge, IEC 61000-4-2) without performance degradation. Additionally, each diode can safely dissipate 5A of 8/20s surge current (IEC 61000-4-5, 2nd Edition) with very low clamping voltages. Features RoHS compliant and Lead-free ESD, IEC 61000-4-2, 30kV contact, 30kV air EFT, IEC 61000-4-4, 40A (5/50ns) Lightning, IEC 61000-4-5, 2nd Edition, 5A (8/20s) Low leakage current of 0.5A (MAX) at 5V Space efficient 0201 footprint) Mobile phones Smart phones PDAs Digital cameras Portable navigation devices Portable medical devices Pinout Pin 1 Pin 2 Functional Block Diagram 1 2 Life Support Note: Not Intended for Use in Life Support or Life Saving Applications The products shown herein are not designed for use in life sustaining or life saving applications unless otherwise expressly indicated. RoHS Pb GREEN Application Example I/O Controller Outside World P1 Case GND Keypads P2 IC P3 P4 SP1006 (x4) SP1006 Series 25pF 30kV Unidirectional Discrete TVS Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources

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