Tvs Diode Array Spa Diodes Page 6 TVS Diode Array SPA Diodes Catalog

2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 02/23/17 TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) ENTERTAINMENT ELECTRONICS PORT PROTECTION The following are examples of ESD suppression for ports common to entertainment electronics. For additional design examples, guidance and application assistance, please contact Littelfuse. High Definition Multimedia Inteface (HDMI) Data speeds up to 3.4 Gbps per pair Outside World Signal Ground HDMI Port HDMI Chipset D0+ D0- CLK+ CLK- D2+ D2- D1+ D1- * Package is shown as transparent SP3012-04 Ground Case Ground SP3012-04 SDA SCL CEC HPD Outside World Right Left Case Ground Audio Port Audio Codec SP1002-02 Analog audio (Speaker/Microphone) Outside World C Y RF Video Chrominance Luminance Coaxial Composite Case Ground Video Port Video ADC SP1004-04 Analog Video Port Outside World P2 P1 P4 P3 Case Ground Keypads I/O Controller SP1006 (x4) Keypad / push button ESD protection For additional reference design examples, please view the product data sheets within this catalog or visit the application reference design section of our web site To assure suitability of any Littelfuse device, be sure to test the device within the end application under conditions of intended use. Port Protection Examples (continued)

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