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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 02/23/17 TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) Low Capacitance ESD Protection - SP0504S Series Capacitance vs. Frequency 0 2E-13 4E-13 6E-13 8E-13 1E-12 1.2E-12 1.4E-12 1.6E-12 1.8E-12 2E-12 1.E+06 1.E+07 1.E+08 1.E+09 Frequency [Hz] Capacitance [F] Time Temperature T P T L T S(max) T S(min) 25 t P t L t S time to peak temperature Preheat Ramp-up Ramp-down Ramp-do Critical Zone TL to T P Critical Zone TL to T P Reflow Condition Pb - Free assembly Pre Heat - Temperature Min (T s(min) ) 150C - Temperature Max (T s(max) ) 200C - Time (min to max) (t s ) 60 - 180 secs Average ramp up rate (Liquidus) Temp (T L ) to peak 3C/second max T S(max) to T L - Ramp-up Rate 3C/second max Reflow - Temperature (T L ) (Liquidus) 217C - Temperature (t L ) 60 - 150 seconds Peak Temperature (T P ) 260 +0/-5 C Time within 5C of actual peak Temperature (t p ) 20 - 40 seconds Ramp-down Rate 6C/second max Time 25C to peak Temperature (T P ) 8 minutes Max. Do not exceed 260C Soldering Parameters Product Characteristics Lead Plating Matte Tin Lead Material Copper Alloy Lead Coplanarity 0.0004 inches (0.102mm) Substitute Material Silicon Body Material Molded Epoxy Flammability UL 94 V-0 Notes : 1. All dimensions are in millimeters 2. Dimensions include solder plating. 3. Dimensions are exclusive of mold flash & metal burr. 4. Blo is facing up for mold and facing down for trim/form, i.e. reverse trim/form. 5. Package surface matte finish VDI 11-13. Ordering Information Part Number Package Marking Min. Order Qty. SP0504SHTG SOT23-6 E*4 3000 Part Numbering System Part Marking System SP0504S TG Series Package H = SOT23-6 T= Tape & Reel G= Green H TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) E*4 E * 4 Product Series E = SP0504S series Assembly Site (varies) Number of Channels

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