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TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications, descriptions and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice. Visit for more information. TVS Diode Array Technology and Applications Overview Data Protocol, Application and Product Selection Port Protection Examples Definitions and Terms Transient Voltage Threats and Scenarios ESD Suppression Strategies and Standards Legal Disclaimers Series Name Package Type Working Voltage Capacitance Number of Channels ESD Rating (Contact Discharge, IEC61000-4-2) Clamping Voltage (t P =8/20s) Maximum Surge Rating (t P =8/20s) Lead Free/ Green RoHS Compliant General Purpose ESD Protection (SCR Diode Array) SP720 PDIP SOIC 2-30V 3pF 14 4kV 2V @ 1A 3A SP721 2-30V 3pF 6 4kV 2V @ 1A 3A SP723 2-30V 5pF 6 8kV 2V @ 2A 7A SP724 SOT23 2-20V 3pF 4 8kV 2V @ 1A 3A SP725 SOIC 2-30V 5pF 4 8kV 2V @ 2A 9A General Purpose ESD Protection (TVS Discretes and Arrays) SP05 SC70, SOT23, SOT143, MSOP 5.5V 30pF 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 30kV SP1001 SC70, SOT553, SOT563, SOT963 5.5V 8pF 2 / 4 / 5 15kV 8.0V @ 1A 2A SP1002 SC70 6.0V 5pF 1 / 2 8kV 9.2V @ 1A 2A SP1003 SOD723, SOD882 5.0V 30pF 1 30kV 12.0V @ 7A 7A SP1004 SOT953 6.0V 5pF 4 8kV 10V @ 1A 1A SP1005 0201 (Flipchip) 0402 (SOD882) 6.0V 30pF 1 30kV 9.3V @ 1A 10A SP1006 0201 (DFN-2) 6.0V 25pF 1 30kV 8.3V @ 1A 5A SP1007 0201 (Flipchip) 0402 (SOD882) 6.0V 3.5pF 1 8kV 11.2V @ 1A 2A SP1008 0201 (Flipchip) 6.0V 6pF 1 15kV 10.7V @ 1A 2.5A SP1011 DFN-6 6.0V 7pF 4 15kV 8.7V @ 1A 2A SD05 SOD323 5.0V 350pF 1 30kV 8.0V @ 1A 30A SD05C SOD323 5.0V 200pF 1 30kV 8.0V @ 1A 30A Low Capacitance ESD Protection SP3001 SC70 6.0V 0.65pF 4 8kV 9.5V @ 1A 2.5A SP3002 SC70, SOT23, DFN-6 6.0V 0.85pF 4 12kV 9.5V @ 1A 4.5A SP0504S SOT23 SP3003 DFN-6, SC70, SOT5x3, MSOP10 6.0V 0.65pF 2 / 4 / 8 8kV 10.0V @ 1A 2.5A SP3004 SOT563 6.0V 0.85pF 4 12kV 10.0V @ 1A 4A SP3010 DFN-10 6.0V 0.45pF 4 8kV 10.8V @ 1A 3A SP3011 DFN-14 6.0V 0.40pF 6 8kV 11.0V @ 1A 3A SP3012 DFN-10, DFN-14 5.0V 0.50pF 4 / 6 12kV 6.6V @ 1A 4A SP0524P DFN-10 5.0V 0.50pF 4 12kV 6.6V @ 1A 4A SP3021 0402 (SOD882) 5.0V 0.50pF 1 8kV 13.1V @ 1A 2A SP3030 0402 (SOD882) 5.0V 0.50pF 1 20kV 9.2V @ 1A 3A SP3031 0402 (SOD882) 5.0V 0.80pF 1 10kV 6.9V @ 1A 5A Lightning Surge Protection SRV05 SOT23 6.0V 2.4pF 4 20kV 11.5V @ 5A 10A SP4060 MSOP 2.5V 4.4pF 8 30kV 8.0V @ 10A 20A SP2504N DFN-10 2.5V 3.5pF 4 30kV 6.3V @ 5A 20A SP3304N DFN-10 3.3V 3.5pF 4 30kV 7V @ 5A 20A SLVU2.8 SOT23 2.8V 2.0pF 1 30kV 13.9V @ 24A 40A SLVU2.8-4 SOIC 2.8V 2.0pF 4 30kV 13.9V @ 24A 40A SR70 SOT143 70V 2.0pF 2 30kV 12V @ 30A 40A SP2502L SOIC 3.3V 5.0pF 2 30kV 20V @ 75A 75A LC03-3.3 SOIC 3.3V 9.0pF 2 30kV 17V @ 100A 150A SP03-3.3 SOIC 3.3V 16pF 2 30kV 15V @ 100A 150A SP03-6 SOIC 6.0V 16pF 2 30kV 20V @ 100A 150A SRDA05 SOIC-8 5.0V 8pF 4 30kV 9.2V @ 1A 30A SR05 SOT143 5.0V 8pF 2 30kV 9.8V @ 1A 25A TABLE OF CONTENTS

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