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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors EV Series 0.8 Amp Sensitive Triacs Electrical Characteristics (T J = 25C, unless otherwise specified) Static Characteristics (T J = 25C, unless otherwise specified) Symbol Description Test Conditions Quadrant Limit Value Unit LX803xy LX807xy I GT DC Gate Trigger Current V D = 12V R L = 60 I - II - III IV MAX. 3 5 5 7 mA V GT DC Gate Trigger Voltage ALL MAX. 1.3 V I H Holding Current Gate Open MAX. 5 mA dv/dt Critical Rate-of-Rise of Off-State Voltage T J = 110C V D = V DRM Exponential Waveform Gate Open MIN. 10 V/ s (dv/dt)c Critical Rate-of-Rise of Commutating Voltage (di/dt)c = 0.43A/ms T J = 110C MIN. 1.5 V/ s t gt Turn-On Time I G = 25mA PW = 15 s I T = 1.2A (pk) MAX. 2.0 s Symbol Description Test Conditions Limit Value Unit V TM Peak On-State Voltage I TM = 1.13A (pk) MAX 1.60 V I DRM Off-State Current, Peak Repetitive V D = V DRM T J = 25C MAX 5 A V D = V DRM T J = 110C 100 A Thermal Resistances Symbol Description Test Conditions Value Unit R th(j-c) Junction to case (AC) I T = 0.8A (RMS) 1 TO-92 60 C/W SOT-223 25 R th(j-a) Junction to ambient I T = 0.8A (RMS) 1 TO-92 150 C/W SOT-223 60 1 NOTE: x = voltage, y = package

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