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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors 0.8 Amp Sensitive & Standard Triacs 1 10 100 1000 10 Surge Current Duration - Full Cycles 1 100 Peak Surge (Non-repetitive) On-State Current (I TSM ) - Amps Figure 9: Surge Peak On-State Current vs. Number of Cycles Supply Frequency: 60Hz Sinusoidal Load: Resistive RMS On-State [I T(RMS) ]: Max Rated Value at Specific Case Temperature Notes: 1. Gate control may be lost during and immediately following surge current interval. 2. Overload may not be repeated until junction temperature has returned to steady-state rated value. Soldering Parameters Time Temperature T P T L T S(max) T S(min) 25 t P t L t S time to peak temperature Preheat Ramp-up Ramp-down Ramp-do Reflow Condition Pb - Free assembly Pre Heat - Temperature Min (T s(min) ) 150C - Temperature Max (T s(max) ) 200C - Time (min to max) (t s ) 60 - 180 secs Average ramp up rate (Liquidus Temp) (T L ) to peak 5C/second max T S(max) to T L - Ramp-up Rate 5C/second max Reflow - Temperature (T L ) (Liquidus) 217C - Temperature (t L ) 60 - 150 seconds Peak Temperature (T P ) 260 +0/-5 C Time within 5C of actual peak Temperature (t p ) 20 - 40 seconds Ramp-down Rate 5C/second max Time 25C to peak Temperature (T P ) 8 minutes Max. Do not exceed 280C

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