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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors AN1006 Also, the Variable Collector Supply Voltage Range and Power Dissipation controls have different scales than model 576. The following table shows the guidelines for setting Power Dissipation when using model 577. Model 576 Model 577 If power dissipation is 0.1 W, set at 0.15 W. If power dissipation is 0.5 W, set at 0.6 W. If power dissipation is 2.2 W, set at 2.3 W. If power dissipation is 10 W, set at 9 W. If power dissipation is 50 W, set at 30 W. If power dissipation is 220 W, set at 100 W. Although the maximum power setting on model 576 curve tracer is 220 W (compared to 100 W for model 577), the maximum collector current available is approximately the same. This is due to the minimum voltage range on model 577 curve tracer being 6.5 V compared to 15 V for model 576. The following table shows the guidelines for adapting Collector Voltage Supply Range settings for model 577 curve tracer procedures: Model 576 Model 577 If voltage range is 15 V set at either 6.5 V or 25 V, depending on parameter being tested. Set at 6.5 V when measuring V TM (to allow maximum collector current) and set at 25 V when measuring I GT and V GT . If voltage range is 75 V set at 100 V. If voltage range is 1500 V, set at 1600 V. Figure AN1006.28 Tektronix Model 577 Curve Tracer BRIGHTNESS STORE INTENSITY FOCUS POWER STEP/OFFSET AMPLIFIER POLARITY OFFSET MULTI POSITION DISPLAY MAX PEAK VOLTS VARIABLE COLLECTOR% COLLECTOR SUPPLY POLARITY STEP RATE COLLECTOR SUPPLY TERMINAL JACKS SENSE C B E C B E C KELVIN TERMINALS USED WHEN MEASURING V TM OR V FM VARIABLE VOLTAGE LOOPING COMPENSATION STEP GEN OUTPUT (off) VARIABLE OUTPUT EXT BASE OR EMIT INPUT VERTICAL RIGHT LEFT Avoid extremely bright display Adjust for best focus STEP GENERATOR SECTION NUMBER OF STEPS STEP/OFFSET POLARITY HORIZONTAL VOLTAGE CONTROL Note: All Voltage Settings Will Be Referenced to "Collector" Indicates Dangerous Voltages on Test jacks VERTICAL CURRENT SUPPLY LEFT-RIGHT SELECTOR FOR TERMINAL JACKS Indicates Collector Supply Disabled Watch high power settings. Can damage device under test MAX PEAK POWER (POWER DISSIPATION) VARIABLE COLLECTOR SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE CRT VARIABLE COLLECTOR SUPPLY VOLTAGE MT1/CATHODE GATE/TRIGGER MT2/ANODE Terminal Selector GROUND BEAM FINDER STEP FAMILY Thyristor and Rectifier Testing Using Curve Tracers (continued)

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