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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors Because of its unidirectional switching capability, the SCR is used in circuits where high surge currents or latching action is required. It may also be used for half-wave- type circuits where gate-controlled rectification action is required. Applications include crowbars in power supplies, camera flash units, smoke alarms, motor controls, battery chargers, and engine ignition. Surge current ratings are available from 30 A in the TO-92 packaging to 950 A in the TO-218X package. Rectifiers Littelfuse manufactures 15 A to 25 A rms Rectifiers with voltages rated from 400 V to 1000 V. Due to the electrically isolated TO-220 package, these Rectifiers may be used in common anode or common cathode circuits using only one part type, thereby simplifying stock requirements. DIACs DIACs are trigger devices used in phase control circuits to provide gate pulses to a Triac. They are voltage-triggered bidirectional silicon devices. DIAC voltage provide trigger pulses closely matched in symmetry at the positive and negative breakover points to minimize DC component in the load circuit. Some applications include gate triggers for light controls, dimmers, power pulse circuits, voltage references in AC power circuits, and motor speed controls. SIDACs SIDACs represent a unique set of Thyristor qualities. The SIDAC is a bidirectional or unidirectional voltage triggered switch. Some characteristics of this device include a normal 95 V to 330 V switching point, negative resistance range, latching characteristics at turn-on, and a low on-state voltage drop. One-cycle surge current capability up to 20 A makes the SIDAC an ideal product for dumping charged capacitors through an inductor in order to generate high-voltage pulses. Applications include light controls, high-pressure sodium lamp starters, metal halide lamp ignition power oscillators, and high-voltage power supplies. BILATERAL VOLTAGE SWITCH RECTIFIER REVERSE BLOCKING THYRISTOR BIDIRECTIONAL THYRISTOR BILATERAL VOLTAGE TRIGGER SIDAC * RECTIFIER * DIAC built-in Quadrac GATE CONTROL DIAC TRIGGER DIRECT GATE CURRENT 5-500 A 10-50 mA SCR * SCR (Sensitive) * QUADRANT OPERATION (See Quadrant Chart on Data Sheet) I I I I I I I I I I I I I V GATE CURRENT 5-100 mA GATE CURRENT 3-20 mA SENSITIVE TRIAC * STANDARD TRIAC * OPTIONS INTERNAL QUADRAC * ALTERNISTOR TRIAC * * For detailed information, see specific data sheet in product catalog. Circuit Requirement Diagram Thyristor Product Descriptions (continued)

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