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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors I T(RMS) V DRM /V RRM I GT (Q1) Series Through-Hole Surface Mount Sensitive Standard TO-92 TO-251 TO-220 Isl TO-220 Non-Isl TO-218AC Isl TO-218AC Non-Isl TO-218X Isl TO-218X Non-Isl Compak SOT-89 SOT-223 TO-252 TO-263 SCRs 0.8A 400-600V 12 - 500A EC103xx SxSx 0.8A 400-800V 5 - 200A SxX8xSx 1.0A 400-600V 10mA Sx01E SxN1 1.5A 200A TCR22-x 1.5A 200A Sx02xS 4.0A 50- 500A Sxx04xSx 6.0A 400-1000V 0.2-15mA Sxx06xSx Sxx06x 8.0A 0.2-15mA Sxx08xSx Sxx08x 10.0A 0.2-15mA Sxx10xSx Sxx10x 12.0A 20mA Sxx12x 15.0A & 16.0A 30mA Sxx15x Sxx16x 20.0A & 25.0A 30-35mA Sxx20x Sxx25x 35.0A 40mA Sxx35x 40.0A 40mA Sxx40x 55.0A 40mA Sxx55x 65.0A 50mA Sxx65x 70.0A 400-800V 50mA Sxx70x Series Through Hole Surface Mount Switching V BO I H I TSM static dv/dt di/dt T J Standard High Energy Multipulse SIDACs Kxxxzy DO-15, TO- 92 DO-214AA 79-330V 150mA 20A 1500V/ s 150A/s -40 to +125 C Kxxx0yH DO-15, TO- 92 DO-214AA 190-280V 150mA 20A 150A/s -40 to +125 C K2xx0GHU DO-15 DO-214AA 190-260V 60mA 220A/s -40 to +125 C Kxxx1G DO-15 200-380V 120mA 150A/s -40 to +125 C Kxxx1GL DO-15 200-265V 30mA 150A/s -40 to +125 C Series Through Hole I F(RMS) I F(AV) I FSM I 2 t T stg T J RMS forward current Average forward current Peak non-repetitive surge current I 2 t Value for fusing Storage temperature range Rectifiers Dxx15L Dxx20L Dxx25L TO-220 Isl. 15 - 25A 9.5 to15.9A single half cycle; f = 50Hz; TJ (initial) = 25C 188 - 300A single half cycle; f = 60Hz; TJ (initial) = 25C 225 - 350A 210 - 508 A 2 s -40 to +150 C -40 to +125 C 2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications, descriptions and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice. Visit for more information.

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