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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors I T(RMS) V DRM /V RRM I GT (Q1) Series Through-Hole Surface Mount Sensitive Standard Alternistor TO-92 TO-251 TO-220 Isl TO-220 Non-Isl TO-218 Isl TO-218X Isl TO-3 Compak SOT-223 TO-252 TO-263 Triacs 0.8A 400-600V 3-25mA LxX8Ex LxXx QxX8Ex QxXx 0.8A 400-600V 3-5mA LX8 1.0A 400-600V 3-25mA Lx01Ex,LxNx Qx01Ex,QxNx 1.0A 400-800V 3-10mA L01 4.0A 400-1000V 3-25mA Lxx04xx Qxx04xx 6.0A 400-1000V 5-50mA Lxx06xx Qxx06xx Qxx06xHx 8.0A 400-1000V 5-50mA Lxx08xx Qxx08xx Qxx08xHx 600V 10mA Q6008LH1LED 10.0A 400-1000V 25-50mA Qxx10xx Qxx10xHx 12.0A 400-1000V 10-50mA Qxx12xHx 600V 10mA Q6012LH1LED 15.0A & 16.0A 400-1000V 10-80mA Qxx15xx Qxx16xHx 25.0A 400-1000V 50-80mA Qxx25xx Qxx25xHx 25.0A 600V 50mA HQ6025xH5 30.0A & 35.0A 400-800V 50mA Qxx35xx Qxx35xHx 40.0A 400-1000V 50-100mA Qxx40xx Quadracs 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 15.0 A 400-600V QxxxxLT QxxxxLTH 8.0A 600V Q6008LTH1LED 12.0A 600V Q6012LTH1LED TABLE OF CONTENTS 2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications, descriptions and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice. Visit for more information. Thyristor Product Descriptions Product Packages Quality and Reliability Assurance V-I Characteristics of Thyristor Devices Electrical Parameter Terminology Legal Disclaimers Lead Form Dimensions Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors Gating, Latching, and Holding of SCRs and Triacs Phase Control Using Thyristor Mounting and Handling of Semiconductor Devices Surface Mount Soldering Recommendations Thyristor and Rectifier Testing Using Curve Tracers Thyristors Used as AC Static Switches and Relays Explanation of Maximum Ratings and Characteristics Miscellaneous Design Tips and Facts Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps

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