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2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/14/14 Teccor brand Thyristors 15 Amp Standard & 16 Amp Alternistor (High Commutation) Triacs Part Marking System Part Numbering System Q 60 16 L H4 56 DEVICE TYPE Q: Triac or Alternistor VOLTAGE RATING 40: 400V 60: 600V 80: 800V K0: 1000V CURRENT RATING 15: 15A 16: 16A SENSITIVITY & TYPE Standard Triac 5: 50mA (QI, II, III) Alternistor Triac H2: 10mA (QI, II, III) H3: 20mA (QI, II, III) H4: 35mA (QI, II, III) H6: 80mA (QI, II, III) PACKAGE TYPE L: TO-220 Isolated R: TO-220 Non-Isolated N: TO-263 (D 2 -Pak) LEAD FORM DIMENSIONS xx: Lead Form Option M Y Q6016RH4 TO-220 AB - (L and R Package) TO-263 AB - (N Package) Date Code Marking Y:Year Code M: Month Code XXX: Lot Trace Code Gate MT1 MT2 0.512 (13.0) Arbor Hole Dia. 0.945 (24.0) 0.63 (16.0) 1.01 (25.7) 12.99 (330.0) 0.827 (21.0) 0.157 (4.0) Direction of Feed Dimensions are in inches (and millimeters). * Cover tape 0.059 DIA (1.5) TO-263 Embossed Carrier Reel Pack (RP) Meets all EIA-481-2 Standards

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