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SIDACtor Protection Thyristors 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 02/23/17 Compliance with the overvoltage test is determined by meeting the following criteria: Test Compliance Table 3.48 UL 497A Overvoltage Test Test Voltage (V RMS ) Current (A) Time Comments L1 600 40 1.5 s (Note 1, Figure 4.11) L2 600 7 5 s (Note 1, Figure 4.11) L3 600 2.2, 1, 0.5, 0.25 30 min at each current level (Note 2, Figure 4.11) L4 200 V rms or just below the breakdown voltage of the overvoltage protection device 2.2 A or just below the interrupt value of the current interrupting device 30 min (Note 2, Figure 4.11) L5 240 24 30 min (Note 1, Figure 4.11) Notes: 1. Apply Tests L1, L2, and L5 between Tip and Ground or Ring and Ground. 2. Apply Tests L3 and L4 simultaneously from both Tip and Ring to Ground. Cheesecloth indicator may not be either charred or ignited Wiring simulator (1.6 A Type MDQ fuse or 26 AWG line cord) may not be interrupted Protector meets the applicable dielectric voltage withstand requirements after the completion of the overvoltage tests Test Specimen C 1 R 2 10 5 W R 1 50,000 25 W Variable DC Supply 0-1000 V V Figure 3.15 UL 497A Breakdown Voltage Measurement Test Equipment Under Test Secondary Protector Simulator or Wiring Station Circuit for Common Mode (Longitudinal) Overvoltage Tests Circuit for Differential Mode (Metallic) Overvoltage Tests Timed Switch Equipment Ground Current Limiting Resistors Variable AC Voltage Source Equipment Under Test Telecommunication Network Connection Points Secondary Protector Simulator or Wiring Station Timed Switch Current Limiting Resistor Variable Voltage Source Equipment Ground Equipment Ground Figure 3.16 UL 497A Overvoltage Test Regulatory Requirements (continued)

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