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SIDACtor Protection Thyristors 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 02/23/17 Baseband Protection (Voice-DS1) Package Symbol Parameter Value Unit DO-15 T J Operating Junction Temperature Range -40 to +150C T S Storage Temperature Range -65 to +150C R 0JA Thermal Resistance: Junction to Ambient 60C/W Surge Ratings Series I PP I TSM 10/560 1 10/560 2 10/1000 1 10/1000 2 5/310 1 10/700 2 50 / 60 Hz Amps min Amps min Amps min Amps min A 50 45 - 20 B 100 80 100 25 C - 150 25 Thermal Considerations Notes: 1 Current waveform in s 2 Voltage waveform in s - Peak pulse current rating (I PP ) is repetitive and guaranteed for the life of the product that remains in thermal equilibrium. - I PP ratings applicable over temperature range of -40 to +85C - The component must initially be in thermal equilibrium with -40C < T J < +150C Time Temperature T P T L T S(max) T S(min) 25 t P t L t S time to peak temperature (t 25C to peak) Ramp-down Ramp-up Preheat Critical Zone T L to T P Figure 1 Soldering Parameters Reflow Condition Pb-Free assembly (see Fig. 1) Pre Heat - Temperature Min (T s(min) ) +150C - Temperature Max (T s(max) ) +200C - Time (Min to Max) (t s ) 60-180 secs. Average ramp up rate (Liquidus Temp (T L ) to peak) 3C/sec. Max. T S(max) to T L - Ramp-up Rate 3C/sec. Max. Reflow - Temperature (T L ) (Liquidus) +217C - Temperature (t L ) 60-150 secs. Peak Temp (T P ) +260(+0/-5)C Time within 5C of actual Peak Temp (t p ) 30 secs. Max. Ramp-down Rate 6C/sec. Max. Time 25C to Peak Temp (T P ) 8 min. Max. Do not exceed +260C Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources Physical Specifications Lead Material Copper Alloy Terminal Finish 100% Matte-Tin Plated Body Material UL recognized epoxy meeting flammability classification V-0

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