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A BROAD & DEEP PORTFOLIO Littelfuse offers the world's broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection solutions. Our extensive knowledge and experience in circuit protection technologies are accessible to our customers around the globe. If you have a unique circuit protection problem, we have the expertise and resources needed to develop a solution that delivers exceptional safety and reliability. Our global research and development teams are constantly working on innovative circuit protection technologies designed to safeguard the latest products on the market. Over-Current Protection Fuses Resettable positive temperature coefficient (PTC) devices Over-Voltage Suppression Gas discharge tubes (GDTs) TVS diode arrays PLED Series open LED protectors Power Semiconductors SIDACtor protection thyristors PulseGuard ESD Suppressors Switching thyristors TVS diodes Varistors LITTELFUSE OFFERS CIRCUIT PROTECTION Littelfuse circuit protection products can be used with Hamlin reed switch and sensor products to enhance safety and reliability in various load-switching applications. We recommend using circuit protection for the following examples of load switching: Inductive Load Switching - Arc suppression is recommended to maximize the operating life of inductive loads. For DC loads, a diode should be used. For AC loads, a transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode, a metal oxide varistor (MOV) or a resistor-capacitor (RC) suppression device may be used. MOV and RC suppression devices should not have too much capacitive inrush current as described below. Capacitive Load Switching - Capacitance in the load circuit or long cables may cause permanent or intermittent contact sticking. Contact protection is recommended if the energy stored in the capacitor (E = CV 2 ) is greater than 1 J. Use a small value resistor in series with the reed switch for contact protection. Fuse Blocks Fuse Clips Fuse Holders Fuses SIDACtor Protection Thyristors TVS Diode Arrays PLED LED Protectors Switching Thyristors Varistors BEYOND SENSING

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