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POLY-FUSE Resettable PTCs 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/22/17 Surface Mount > LoRho Series LoRho Surface Mount Series RoHS Littelfuse LoRho Surface Mount PPTC (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient) devices provide overcurrent protection for applications where ultra low internal resistance, ultra low voltage drop and automatic resettable protection are desired. This new series allows a higher hold current device in a smaller factor and lower profile as compared to a standard PPTC. It offers ultra low internal resistance while maintaining the high level electrical characteristics and performances of standard PPTC products. All devices are UL recognized and TUV approved and have maximum fault current of 50A. They are available in 0402 to 2920 sizes while the hold current ranges from 100mA to 7A. Littelfuse 0402 size LoRho SMD PPTC is the smallest size surface mounted PPTC device available in the market. Description Features Applications Ultra low internal resistance Very thin profile Miniature size saves board space Allows a higher hold current dvice in a smaller factor and lower profile as compared to a standard PPTC Fast response to fault currents 0402 size available - the smallest PPTC in the market Compatible with high temperature solders Broadest range of Hold Current ratings (100mA to 7A) RoHS compliant, Lead Free and Halogen Free UL recognized and TUV approved 0603L150SL ideal for USB 3.0 Agency Approvals USB peripherals including new USB 3.0 / 2.0 ports Li-ion / Li-Polymer battery packs Smart phones Tablet and Notebook PCs E-readers LCD / LED HDTV Computer periperals Digital cameras and video cameras Hard disk drives Game consoles WARNING Users shall independently assess the suitability of these devices for each of their applications Operation of these devices beyond the stated maximum ratings could result in damage to the devices and lead to electrical arcing and/or fire These devices are intended to protect against the effects of temporary over-current or over-temperature conditions and are not intended to perform as protective devices where such conditions are expected to be repetitive or prolonged in duration Exposure to silicon-based oils, solvents, electrolytes, acids, and similar materials can adversely affect the performance of these PPTC devices These devices undergo thermal expansion under fault conditions, and thus shall be provided with adequate space and be protected against mechanical stresses Circuits with inductance may generate a voltage (L di/dt) above the rated voltage of the PPTC device. AGENCY AGENCY FILE NUMBER E183209 R50119118 Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources

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