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POLY-FUSE Resettable PTCs 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/22/17 Radial Leaded > 16R Series Packaging Options Part Number Ordering Number I hold (A) I hold Code Packaging Option Quantity Quantity & Packaging Codes 16R250G 16R250GU 2.50 250 Bulk 500 U 16R250GPR Tape and Ammo 2000 PR 16R300G 16R300GU 3.00 300 Bulk 500 U 16R300GPR Tape and Ammo 2000 PR 16R400G 16R400GU 4.00 400 Bulk 500 U 16R400GPR Tape and Ammo 2000 PR 16R500G 16R500GU 5.00 500 Bulk 500 U 16R500GPR Tape and Ammo 2000 PR 16R600G 16R600GU 6.00 600 Bulk 500 U 16R600GDR Tape and Ammo 1500 DR 16R700G 16R700GF 7.00 700 Bulk 200 F 16R700GKLF 16R700GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R700GKLMR 16R800G 16R800GF 8.00 800 Bulk 200 F 16R800GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R900G 16R900GF 9.00 900 Bulk 200 F 16R900GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R1000G 16R1000GF 10.00 1000 Bulk 200 F 16R1000GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R1100G 16R1100GF 11.00 1100 Bulk 200 F 16R1100GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R1200G 16R1200GH 12.00 1200 Bulk 100 H 16R1200GMR Tape and Ammo 1000 MR 16R1400G 16R1400GH 14.00 1400 Bulk 100 H Part Ordering Number System PACKAGING STYLE I HOLD CURRENT CODE (SEE TABLE BELOW) QUANTITY CODE: F=200 H=100 M=1000 D=1500 P=2000 U=500 BLANK: Bulk R: Tape & Ammo 16 R 700 G KL M R TYPE: G (16VDC) Kinked Lead Device Option Identifier (16R700GKL product only) R: RADIAL SERIES VOLTAGE RATING (VDC) Disclaimer Notice - Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, users should independently evaluate the suitability of and test each product selected for their own applications. Littelfuse products are not designed for, and may not be used in, all applications. Read complete Disclaimer Notice at

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