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POLY-FUSE Resettable PTCs 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/22/17 Outside World Signal Ground Case Ground USB Port USB Controller SSTX+ SSTX- SSRX+ SSRX- Ground D+ D- 1206L150SL SP3012-06 * Devices shown as transparent VBUS PTC Cell Phone Battery - Control Battery + Signal Ground Shield Ground Battery Connector Battery Controller IC (3) V5.5MLA0402 (Multilayer Varistor) PTC Outside World D+ D - VBUS Signal Ground Shield Ground 1206L150 USB Port USB Controller V5.5MLA063 (2) PGB1010603 (PulseGuard ESD Suppressor) PTC Telco Tip Signal Ground RJ11 Connector Tx/Rx Circuits SMD/leaded SIDACtor Device Ring PTC 600R Series 250R Series HDMI Chipset HDMI Port D2+ D2- D1+ D1- D0+ D0- CLK+ CLK- Outside World SP3010-04UTG Case Ground Case Ground Signal Ground 0603L010 5V PTC Data Pair Power Source Equipment (PSE) Powered Device (PD) Switch/Hub Powered End Station PTC POWER OVER ETHERNET LI-ION BATTERY PACK The following are examples of typical circuits using Littelfuse PTCs in combination with other Littelfuse circuit protection devices to provide a comprehensive protection solution. Contact a Littelfuse application expert for design assistance or visit or for additional information. Be sure to to veryify specifications and test device performance before use in the end application. USB 3.0/3.1 USB 2.0 HDMI TIP/RING CIRCUIT - METALLIC Typical PTC Circuit Protection Designs

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