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POLY-FUSE Resettable PTCs 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/22/17 SURFACE MOUNT RADIAL LEADED BATTERY STRAP Series Name LoRho 0603L 0805L 1206L 1210L 1812L 2016L 2920L 250S USBR 16R 30R 60R 72R 250R 600R LR LR LT ST VL VT Telecom Application UL60950 ,TIA-968-A, GR-1089 Req's X X X ITU-T Recommendations X X X CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) X X X Analog Line Card X X X T1/E1/J1 And xDSL X X X ISDN And Ethernet LAN X X X Cable Telephony And Modem X X X PBX/KTS And Key Telephone System X X X Computer and Peripheral USB Port and USB Powered Device X X X X X X X X I/O Port X X X X X X Video Port X X X X X X Memory Card and Socket X X X X X X X X X LCD Monitor X X X X X X X X Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive X X X X X X X X X Consumer Electronics Set Top Box X X X X Loudspeaker X Smart Phone and Tablet PC X X X X X Portable/Wearable Electronic Device X X X X X X X Electromagnetic Loads, Motor X X X X X Solenoid Protection X X X X Battery Lithium-Ion Cell X X X X X X Battery Pack and Battery Management System X X X X X X X Industrial and Medical Electronics Motor / Fan / Pump / Solenoid X X X Voltage / Current Input Terminal X X X X X Automotive DC Motor / Window Lift X X Network/Communication/ Infotainment X X X X X X NOTE: The application summary is for reference only. Determination of suitability for a specific application is the responsibility of the customer. PTCs are typically used as circuit protection in applications where sensitive components are at constant risk of damage from overcurrent conditions. The ability of PTCs to reset themselves after exposure to a fault current makes them ideal within circuits that are not easily accessible to a user or technician or where constant uptime is required. Typical applications include port protection on personal computers (USB, memory card reader, keyboard/mouse and video ports), peripherals (hard drives, video cards, and hubs), cell phone, battery packs, industrial controls, lighting ballast and motor controls. The chart below is meant as a quick guide in narrowing to a Littelfuse PTC device that may be appropriate to certain end applications. For detailed application assistance please contact a Littelfuse product specialist or visit our new reference design center at For detailed product specifications, please consult the Littelfuse PTC datasheets within this catalog or visit PTC Product Applications

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