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Where Are MLVs Used? MLVs are ideal for ESD and surge protection for virtually any application that involves electrical or electronic circuits, including automobiles, white goods, industrial applications, and portable electronics. Figure 10. Applications Using MLVs Power Line Protection with MLV From a circuit perspective, MLVs are often used to protect the DC port of a power supply from ESD, as well as for EMC protection. Protocols Circuit Characteristics MLV Advantages DC power DC power for DC at secondary input or output. DC bus for USB or HDMI ports. Low leakage current Additional EMI protection ESD protection Audio circuit Analog audio power line with bidirectional power source. Low leakage current Touch screen Sensing ICs are vulnerable to ESD events for resistive touch screens Provides external ESD protection for touch screen Table 4. Power Line Protection Summary MLV Protection in DC Power Line or Audio Circuit MLV devices can be connected near the I/O port to clamp the ESD or surge event to the DC circuitry (Figure 11). Their smaller size, high temperature at 125C, and quick response time offer one of the best solutions for industrial applications to provide on-board protection to protect against inductive surges as well as wearable device for audio IC protection. Figure 11. MLV Protection in DC Power Line MLV Protection in Touch Screen Circuit Touch screen ICs are vulnerable to ESD events and high energy ESDs may couple to harm the ICs. An MLV provides an ideal solution to clamp ESD voltage to a safe level and enhance the reliability and life cycle for touch screen applications (Figure 12). The low leakage current feature of MLV devices also enhances the battery life of the display devices. Figure 12. MLV Protection in Touch Screen Circuit WHITE GOODS AUTOMOTIVE Load Dump Inductive Loads ESD Inductive Loads ESD Inductive Loads ESD Lightning Surge INDUSTRIAL PORTABLE ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTS DC Input or Low voltage AC Power Line Sensitive IC Touch Screen Control IC Chassis Ground X + X - Y + Y - 2016 Littelfuse Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) Design Guide Surface Mount Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) Design Guide Where Are MLVs Used? 7

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