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AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS Modern vehicles have many electronic components within them. MLV is mostly used in the signal line and DC bus for ESD and surge protection. CAN Bus IC CANH PPTC AUML/ MLA Auto CANL CAN Bus ICs are susceptible to Automotive transients. AUML and MLA Series devices offer protection for both the data and DC lines. To protect against automotive relay surges, use an Auto MLV to absorb the arcing energy released by the magnetic fields of the relay. Protect vehicle subsystems (for example, airbag, power train, and climate control) from alternator transients with an Auto MLV. Use it as a shunt for the transient surge to protect the DC power line against the surge. Automotive subsystems like the audio system are also susceptible to transient-induced surges. Relay Coil Protected System MLV Starter Lights Speaker Etc. MLV ECU, Airbag, Motor Entainment, etc. Protected System Voltage Regulator Alternator Surface Mount Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) Design Guide 2016 Littelfuse Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) Design Guide Appendix II - Automotive Application Examples (continued) 20

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