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LED Lighting Design Guide 2015 Littelfuse LED Lighting Design Guide www.littelfuse.com Figure 19. Energy Star surge immunity testing on five different fusible resistors. The same tests were conducted on 10 and 100 ohm fusible resistors that had nominal 1W ratings. This was done to determine if their lower 16W fusing power rating would produce better results. These resistors also failed the IEC and Energy Star tests, and as shown in Table 10 , they also produced a bright glow, generated sparks, and created a fire hazard. Fusing Resistor 100-ohm 1W Fusing Resistor 10-ohm 1W Overcurrent Gradual 0.1A-0.3A Constant 0.4A Constant 0.57A Constant 0.8A Gradual 0.32A-1.28A Constant 1.26A Constant 1.79A Constant 2.53A Fusing Time 2.1 min. 0.35 sec. 0.007 sec. 0.4 sec. 3.3 min. 11 sec. 2 sec. 0.008 sec. During Fusing Smoke Glowing Fire Spark Explode After Fusing Discoloration Crack Rupture Risk of Fire YES Note Rated fusing power (16W) 32W 64W Rated fusing power (16W) 32W 64W Table 10. Overcurrent testing results for 1W 10 and 100 fusible resistors (16W fusing powerrating). Potential Problems with Alternative LED Lamp Overcurrent Protection Technologies (continued) 32

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