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LED Lighting Design Guide 2015 Littelfuse LED Lighting Design Guide www.littelfuse.com The peak voltage in this test was adjusted to a bit higher than the specified 20kV in order to drive exactly 10kA of peak current. In real world events, actual peak current through an MOV at the AC input will likely be lower than the total current that enters the luminaire, depending on available current paths. Littelfuse has tested the parts listed in Table 1 part selections to a more stringent level as it complies with our internal testing standards. To summarize, the DOE 10kA combination wave is a less stringent test than the Category "C-High" portion of the C62.41- 2002 requirement. However, it still requires a 30-strike total with strikes spaced a minute apart (i.e., each MOV will experience 10 hits). Also, the IEEE C.62.41-2002 spec for the C-high portion specifies that the 6kV/0.5kA (12-ohm source impedance) ring wave (0.5 s/100kHz) test is optional. However in the DOE model specification, this is mandatory. This level is low energy and easier to pass but nonetheless requires testing. Part Selection Guide Littelfuse is committed to helping LED lighting manufacturers meet or exceed these specifications by providing robust coordinated overcurrent and overvoltage protection solutions for all surge levels. Littelfuse has performed extensive testing on the suggested components and in most cases at more stringent levels than what the above specifications outline. For companies not equipped to do their own testing, Littelfuse can assist with the testing. Part Selection Guide 16

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