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LED Lighting Design Guide 2015 Littelfuse LED Lighting Design Guide www.littelfuse.com It is often the case that engineers will want to test the robustness of their application and their protection scheme during the qualification process. For those that lack in-house surge test equipment, Littelfuse offers the use of lab facilities to verify the design of their application. This testing can identify problems at a stage early enough that they can be corrected before field issues occur. Figure 6 illustrates the voltage and current waveforms for an Energy Star surge test conducted by Littelfuse on an LED bulb assembly. The circuitry for this A19 lamp assembly included the Littelfuse 0451/0453 series fuse installed on the lamp driver board. The LED was lit and was fully operational before and after application of the surge, thus passing Energy Star requirements. Figure 6. Typical waveform of 2.5kV, 100kHz ring wave surge test. Surge Immunity Requirements for Consumer LED Lighting/Retrofit Lamps (continued) 10

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