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Gas Discharge Tubes 2015 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 11/06/15 SL1026 Series GDT devices are provided as bulk pack in poly bag -- 20 pieces per bag and 5 bags per carton. Electrical Specifications Insulation Resistance > 10G at 100 Volts Capacitance: <=2.5pf, 1MHz 0 Volts Bias Holdover Voltage: <150mS, tested at 130 volts according to ITU-T Rec. K.12 & REA PE 80 Arc Voltage: ~35 Volts, On State Voltage at 1 Amp (Depending on Voltage Type) Glow to Arc Transition Current: ~1 Amp Glow Voltage: > 150 Volts, depending on Voltage Type Voltage vs. Time Characteristic Product Dimensions Part Numbering System 1026 - Voltage SL Packaging All dimensions in mm Type 1053 Holder Profile SL1026 GDT Series Profile Voltage (V) Time (ns) 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Max dynamic breakover voltage Hold-over voltage On-State voltage Physical Specifications Weight: 11g (0.388 oz.) Materials: Electrode Base: Nickel Iron Alloy Electrode Plating: Nickel Body: Ceramic Part Marking: Color coded body SL1026-275: Black/Black SL1026-400: Black/Yellow SL1026-700: Black/Red Storage and Operating Temperature: -40C to +90C 22.0 Ref 45.0 Max 8.7 Max 9.1 Max

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