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Gas Discharge Tubes 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/12/17 SL1021A/B Series Description GDT circuit protection devices dissipate electrical surge energy safely within a contained plasma gas. Commonly used to help protect sensitive telecom and networking equipment and lines, GDTs protect from damage that may result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations. The Littelfuse GDT series described in this document are available in a variety of leaded and surface mount forms and offered with and without optional fail-safe clip. Please refer to the electrical specifications, dimension and packaging options section of this document for additional information. SL1021A/B Series: SL1021A/B series GDTs are designed to offer high levels of performance on fast rising transients in the range of 100V/ S to 1KV/ S, which are those most likely created by induced lightning disturbances. These devices feature ultra low capacitance (typically 1.5pF or less) and are extremely robust with SL1021A devices able to divert a 10,000 Amp pulse without destruction, and SL1021B suffix devices able to divert a 20,000 Amp pulse without destruction. These series offer optimized internal geometry which provide low insertion loss at high frequencies, ideal for the protection of broadband and other high speed transmission equipment. Features RoHS compliant Low insertion loss Excellent response to fast rising transients Ultra low capacitance 10KA (A suffix devices) / 20KA (B suffix devices) surge capability tested with 8/20 s pulse as defined by IEC 61000-4-5 Available with thermal failsafe option (add 'F' suffix to part number) Applications SL1021: Broadband equipment ADSL equipment XDSL equipment Satellite and CATV equipment Splitters General telecom equipment Telecom network interfaces Telephone line cards Repeaters Modems Line test equipment AGENCY AGENCY FILE NUMBER E128662 Agency Approvals 3 Electrode GDT Graphical Symbol a e b a = TIP b = RING e = GROUND (center electrode) Product Characteristics Materials Dull Tin Plate 17.5 12.5 Microns. with ceramic insulator Product Marking 'LF' mark, voltage& date code: SL1021A - Red /White text SL1021B - Blue /White text Glow to arc transition current ~ 1Amp Glow Voltage ~60-200 Volts Storage and Operation Temperature -40 to +90C Transverse Voltage (Delay Time) < 0.2Sec (Tested to ITU-T Rec. K.12) Arc Voltage ~10 to 35 Volts Holdover Voltage <150mS (Tested to ITU-T Rec. K.12) SL1021A/B Series RoHS

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