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Gas Discharge Tubes 2015 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 11/06/15 SL1026 Series Description The SL1026 Series is a heavy-duty transient suppresser using Gas Plasma technology. In response to transients that exceed the device's breakover voltage, the device changes from a very high impedance state to a low impedance state to conduct harmful current away from the protected system. The SL1026 is designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment such as communications, control and railway systems. Carefully designed geometry ensures against short circuiting if a failure occurs due to conditions and events beyond the design criteria. Optional electrical mounting clip (part SL1053 ) is available to aid mounting and connection. Features RoHS compliant 55 kA surge capability (single shot) tested with 8/20 S pulse as defined by IEC 61000-4-5 40 kA surge capability (repetitive) Will protect against Trapezoidal waveforms as specified in RIA 12. Will protect against capacitor discharge voltage transient waveforms as specified in RIA 12. Will protect against double exponential voltage transient waveforms as specified in IEC 571. Applications Signaling equipment. Communication equipment Control gear. Trackside cabinets. Cell phone base stations 3 Electrode GDT Graphical Symbol a e b a = TIP b = RING e = GROUND (centre electrode) Electrical Characteristics Part Number* DC Voltage 100 V/sec DC Voltage 1kV/s 1 AC Current 9 cycles @50-60Hz (Amps) 1 AC Current 50Hz 1 sec x10 (Amps) 1 Surge Current 8/20 Sec x 10 (kAmps) 1,2 Max Single Surge 8/20 Sec (kAmps) 1 Max Single Surge 10/350 Sec (kAmps) 1 150(+) and 150(-) 10/1000 Sec (Amps) MIN MAX SL1026-275 200 350 800 200 10 20 40 8 200 SL1026-400 300 500 900 200 10 20 40 8 200 SL1026-700 560 840 1300 200 10 20 40 8 200 NOTES: End of life limits -- DC: 50% of minimum initial DC breakdown voltage limit to 150% of maximum initial DC breakdown voltage limit. -- Impulse: less that 150% of initial impulse breakdown voltage limit. 1. Total current through center electrode, tested using SL1053B-NL holder 2. Exceeds capability of SL1053B-NL holder RoHS SL1026 Series Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources Samples

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