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Gas Discharge Tubes 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/12/17 SL1122A Series Description Features RoHs Compliant Excellent response to fast rising transients Flat response up to 10kV/ s 10kA surge capability tested with 8/20 s pulse as defined by IEC 61000-4-5 Thermal failsafe Applications MDF protection ADSL equipment XDSL equipment Alarm panels General telecom equipment AGENCY AGENCY FILE NUMBER E128662 Agency Approvals 2 Electrode GDT Graphical Symbol a e b (centre electrode) The SL1122A series Hybrid features a high performance Alpha Gas Plasma Tube in conjunction with a MOV. These devices are matched so that high speed pulses are initially clamped by the MOV, then as the current rises, the transient energy is switched through the gas tube. The Hybrid offers high levels of performance on fast rising transients in the domain of 100V/s to 10 kV/s, so eliminates the dv/dt switching delay normally exhibited by standard GDTs. These devices are extremely robust and are able to divert a 10,000 Amp pulse without destruction. Electrical Characteristics Part Number Device Specifications (at 25C) Life Ratings DC Breakdown in Volts 1, 2 (@100V/s) DC Voltage 2 (1kV/ s Ignition Time) Insulation Resistance Capacitance (@1MHz, 0V bias, 1V oscillation) Arc Voltage (on state voltage) @1Amp Min Surge Life 1 (10/1000 s 300x +/-) Surge Current 1 (8/20 s x 10) Nominal AC Discharge Current 1 (10x1s@50Hz) DC Holdover Voltage (<150msecs.) MIN TYP MAX MIN MAX TYP SL1122A090 72 90 108 200 (< 10s) > 10 8 (at 50V) 270 pF ~10 to 35 Volts 200 A 10 kA 10 A 50 V SL1122A230 184 230 276 350 (< 10s) > 10 8 (at 100V) 100 pF 135 V SL1122A260 210 260 310 400 (< 10s) Tested in accordance with ITU-T Rec K.12 Notes: 1. Total current through centre electrode 2. Maximum Peak Break Over Voltage SL1122A Series Hybrid RoHS Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources Samples

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