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Gas Discharge Tubes 2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/12/17 CG5 and SL0902A Series Part Numbering System and Ordering Information CG5 xxx L TR Breakdown Voltage 90 = 90V 230 = 230V 350 = 350V 600 = 600V Series CG5 Lead Option Code (Blank) = Core Device (No Leads) L = Straight Leads LS = Shaped Leads MS = Surface Mount Packaging Option Code (Blank) = Bulk (Applies to Core Devices Only) TR = Tape & Reel SL0902A xxx SM Breakdown Voltage 090 = 90V 230 = 230V 350 = 350V 420 = 420V Series SL0902A Lead Option Code SM = Surface Mount (Packaging Option Code is not applicable for SL0902A) Packaging Part Number and Device Type Device Dimensions Reference Quantity and Packaging Description CG5xxx Core Outline 501 1000pcs/bag in bulk packaging CG5xxxLS Shaped Leads Outline 500 900pcs/reel in carrier and tape* CG5xxxLTR CG5xxxL-03TR** Straight Axial Leads Outline 502 1000pcs/reel in tape and reel* CG5xxxL-02** Bent Radial Leads Outline 503 50pcs/tray in tray and cover CG5xxxMS SL0902AxxxSM Surface mount Outline 505 900pcs/reel in carrier and tape* * For tape specifications and dimensions, please contact factory. ** Special order items not available for general sale. Please contact Littelfuse for details. Surface Mount Device Orientation Note: Surface Mount device orientation on carrier tape as shown below Disclaimer Notice - Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, users should independently evaluate the suitability of and test each product selected for their own applications. Littelfuse products are not designed for, and may not be used in, all applications. Read complete Disclaimer Notice at:

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