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Gas Discharge Tubes 2015 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 11/06/15 CG5 and SL0902A Series Part Numbering System and Ordering Information CG5 xxx L TR Breakdown Voltage 90 = 90V 230 = 230V 350 = 350V 600 = 600V Series CG5 Lead Option Code (Blank) = Core Device (No Leads) L = Straight Leads LS = Shaped Leads MS = Surface Mount Packaging Option Code (Blank) = Bulk (Applies to Core Devices Only) TR = Tape & Reel SL0902A xxx SM Breakdown Voltage 090 = 90V 230 = 230V 350 = 350V 420 = 420V Series SL0902A Lead Option Code SM = Surface Mount (Packaging Option Code is not applicable for SL0902A) Packaging Part Number and Device Type Device Dimensions Reference Quantity and Packaging Description CG5xxx Core Outline 501 1000pcs/bag in bulk packaging CG5xxxLS Shaped Leads Outline 500 900pcs/reel in carrier and tape* CG5xxxLTR CG5xxxL-03TR** Straight Axial Leads Outline 502 1000pcs/reel in tape and reel* CG5xxxL-02** Bent Radial Leads Outline 503 50pcs/tray in tray and cover CG5xxxMS SL0902AxxxSM Surface mount Outline 505 900pcs/reel in carrier and tape* * For tape specifications and dimensions, please contact factory. ** Special order items not available for general sale. Please contact Littelfuse for details.

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