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FUSEOLOGY Selection Guide Fuse Characteristics, Terms and Consideration Factors Table of Contents Page Fuse Characteristics, Terms and Consideration Factors 2-4 Fuse Selection Checklist 5-7 PTC Characteristics and Terms 8-9 PTC Product Applications 10 Typical PTC Circuit Protection Designs 11 Standards 12-14 PTC Selection Worksheet 15 Fuse and PTC Products Selection Guide 16-18 Packaging and Part Numbering 19 Legal Disclaimers 20 ABOUT THIS GUIDE Fuses are current-sensitive devices that provide reliable protection for discrete components or circuits by melting under current overload conditions. Choosing the right fuse for your application can be an overwhelming, time-consuming process, even for a seasoned electronics design engineer. This user-friendly Fuseology Selection Guide makes the fuse selection process quick and easy-helping you optimize the reliability and performance of the application. Specifications descriptions and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to changes without notice. Visit littelfuse.com for more information. 2014 Littelfuse, Inc.

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