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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/03/17 Surface Mount Fuses NANO 2 > 250V > Slo-Blo Fuse > 443 Series Materials Body: Ceramic Cap: Silver Plated Brass Product Marking Body: Brand Logo, Current Rating Rated Voltage, and T - Characteristic "T" Insulation Resistance (after Opening) MIL-STD-202, Method 302, Test Condition A (10,000 ohms, Minimum) Solderability MIL-STD-202, Method 208 Resistance to Soldering Heat MIL-STD-202, Method 210, Test Condition B (10 sec at 260 o C) Moisture Sensitivity Level Level 1 J-STD-020 PCB Recommendation for Thermal Management Min. copper layer thickness = 100um Min. copper trace width = 10mm Alternate methods of thermal man- agement may be used. In such cases, under normal operations, the maximum temperature of the fuse body should not exceed 80 O C in a 25 O C ambient environment. Product Characteristics 5A 3.05 (.12") 3.05 (.12") 10.08 (.397") 3.25 (.128") 3.43 (.135") 12.6 (.496") 6.10 (.240") Recommended Pad Layout 1.70 typ (.067") AC250V T Dimensions Packaging Part Numbering System Packaging Option Packaging Specification Quantity Quantity & Packaging Code 24mm Tape and Reel EIA-RS 481-2 (IEC 286, part 3) 1500 DR Operating Temperature -55 O C to 125 O C Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107, Test Condition B (5 cycles -65 o C to +125 o C) Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 201 (10-55 Hz) Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202, Method 106, High Humidity (90-98%RH), Heat (65 o C) Salt Spray MIL-STD-202, Method 101, Test Condition B Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Test Condition I (100 G's peak for 6 milliseconds) 0443 .500 D R SERIES AMP Code QUANTITY Code PACKAGING Code Refer to Electrical characteristics table D = 1500 pcs R = Tape and Reel Example: 1.5 amp product is 0443 01.5 D R (0.5 amp product shown above). Disclaimer Notice - Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, users should independently evaluate the suitability of and test each product selected for their own applications. Littelfuse products are not designed for, and may not be used in, all applications. Read complete Disclaimer Notice at www.littelfuse.com/disclaimer-electronics.

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