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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/03/17 Surface Mount Fuses NANO 2 > Very Fast-Acting Fuse > 451/453 Series 451/453 Series Fuse Description The Nano 2 SMF Fuse is a very small, Wire-in-Air (WIA) square shape surface mount fuse that was designed for secondary side circuit over-current protection applications. These fuses are designed for PCB using surface mount technology. Agency Approvals AGENCY AGENCY FILE NUMBER AMPERE RANGE E10480 6.3A - 20A 29862 0.062A - 15A PS E NBK030205-E10480A/B NBK101105-E184655 1A - 5A 6.3A - 15A E10480 0.062A - 5A Electrical Characteristics for Series Features Very fast-acting Small size Wide range of current rating available ( 0.062A to 20A) Wide operating temperature range Low temperature rerating RoHS compliant and Halogen Free % of Ampere Rating Ampere Rating Opening Time 100% 0.062 - 20 4 hours, Minimum 200% 0.062 - 10 5 sec., Maximum 12 - 20 20 sec., Maximum RoHS PS E Applications Notebook PC LCD/PDP TV LCD monitor LCD/PDP panel LCD backlight inverter Portable DVD player Power supply Networking PC server Cooling fan system Storage system Telecom system Wireless basestation White goods Game console Office Automation equipment Battery charging circuit protection Industrial equipment Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources Datasheet Samples Resources 451 Series 453 Series 451 Series 453 Series 451 Series 453 Series Specifications are subject to change without notice. Application testing is strongly recommended.

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