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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/03/17 Radial Lead Fuses TE5 > Fast Acting 450V Fuse > 808 Series 808 Series TE5 Fast-Acting 450V Fuse Agency Approvals Agency Agency File Number Ampere Range PS E NBK060111-JP1021A 2.00A - 5.00A E67006 2.00A - 5.00A Features Electrical Characteristics Reduced PCB space requirements Direct solderable or plug-in versions Low internal resistance Halogen free, Lead-free, and RoHS compliant Shock safe casing Vibration resistant Antimony-free Ideal for high voltage DC applications Very high breaking capacity of 10kA at rated DC voltage % of Ampere Rating Opening Time 100% 4 Hours, Minimum 200% 10 Seconds, Maximum Electrical Characteristics Ampere Rating (A) Amp Code Max Voltage Rating (V) Interrupting Rating 1 Nominal Cold Resistance 2 (Ohms) Nominal Melting I 2 t 10xI N (A 2 sec) Max Voltage Drop 1.0xI N (mV) Agency Approval AC DC 2.00 1200 250 450 200A@250VAC 300A to 10kA@450VDC 0.069 0.0610 342 x 2.50 1250 250 450 0.054 0.0898 300 x 3.00 1300 250 350 200A@250VAC 300A to 10kA@350VDC 0.042 0.2007 276 x 3.15 1315 250 350 0.038 0.2191 270 x 4.00 1400 250 200A@250VAC 300A to 10kA@250VDC 0.027 0.5445 240 x 5.00 1500 250 0.022 1.1584 215 x Notes: 1. This fuse is not recommended for use in DC circuits where the available prospective short-circuit current is less than 300A at rated voltage. 2. Cold resistance measured at less than 10% of rated current at 23C. 3. An operating current of 80% or less of rated current is recommended, with further derating required at elevated ambient temperature. 4. Have special electrical characteristic needs? Contact Littelfuse to learn more about application specific options. RoHS The 450V TE5 Fast-acting Fuse is designed to enable compliance with the RoHS Directive. This product is fully compatible with lead-free solder alloy. This device is UL Recognized for protecting components or internal circuits against overcurrent conditions at high DC voltages. Description Applications DC/DC Converter Transformer-less AC/DC Circuit Data Centers Telecom/Datacom Central Offices Pb Application testing is strongly recommended. PS E Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources

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