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2017 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 03/03/17 Axial Lead & Cartridge Fuses TE5 > Slow-Blo Fuse > 389 Series Features Electrical Characteristics Applications Electrical Characteristics Agency Approvals Agency Agency File Number Ampere Range E67006 0.060A 389 Series, TE5 , Slow-Blo Pb For worldwide applications Reduced PCB space requirements Highly defined cut-off times Low internal resistance Flame resistant encapsulated casing RoHS compliant and Lead-free Available in 0.060A only % of Ampere Rating Opening Time 166 600 sec, Min. 250 45 sec, Max. Amp Code Rated Current Voltage Rating Breaking Capacity Cold Resistance 0.1In (m ) Power Dissipation (mW) Melting Integral 10In (A 2 s) 0060 60mA 250 VAC 10A@250VAC 6080 100 0.033 RoHS The 389 Series is a TE5, Slow-Blo type fuse designed for overcurrent protection of sensitive electronic components and assemblies. Telecom equipment Data processing equipment Input/output modules Household appliances Medical equipment Description Application testing is strongly recommended. Additional Information Datasheet Samples Resources

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