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Max. Voltage DC Protection 250VDC Mounting Through-Hole Surface Mount Fuses Fuse Type Cartridge TE NANO 2 Fuse Footprint 5 20mm 6x25mm 6 32mm - 10.5 4.5mm 12.1 4.5mm 10.86 4.78mm Body Material Ceramic Ceramic Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Ceramic Thermoplastic Current Rating* 500mA to 20A 5A to 40A 315mA to 30A 1A to 5A 500mA to 5A 500mA to 3.15A 1A to 5A Interrupt Rating* 400A @ 400VDC 1500A @ 400VDC 200A @ 450VDC 5 to 40A 1500A @ 250VAC 1000A @ 250VDC 10kA @ 1000VDC 10kA @ 250VDC 10kA @ 450VDC 150A @ 250VDC 100 A @ 350VDC 100A @ 600VDC 100A @ 500VDC (1A-3.15A) 100A @ 450VDC (4A-5A) Characteristics/Agency Approvals 70VDC - 688 (70VDC) - 250VDC - 808(250VDC to 450VDC) 462(250VDC) - 420VDC 487(420VDC) - 504 (420VDC) - 450VDC - 808(250VDC to 450VDC) - 400VDC Time Lag IEC 477(400VDC) - 450VDC Time Lag IEC 977(450VDC) - 500VDC - 505(500VDC) - 885(500VDC) 600VDC - 506(600VDC) - 485(600VDC) - 650VDC - 507(650VDC) - 1000VDC - 508(1000VDC) - FLAT-PACK Fuse FUSE SELECTION GUIDE *Rating may vary by voltage and current rating. Refer to the datasheet for all values. NANO 2 Fuse Simplifying the Fuse Selection Process Fuses are current-sensitive devices that provide reliable protection for discrete components or circuits by melting under current overload conditions. Littelfuse offers a comprehensive range of innovative fuses designed to address an expanding array of circuit protection challenges. However, even seasoned electronics design engineers can discover that identifying the optimum fuse for a specific application can be a confusing, time-consuming process. This Fuse Selection Guide is designed to speed and simplify this process, making it easier to optimize the reliability and performance of the application. The included Fuse Accessories Selection Guide also identifies the fuseholders designed for use with each fuse series.

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