Esd Suppression Design Guide Page 15 ESD Suppression Design Guide

Series Name ESD Level (Contact) I/O Capacitance V RWM Lighting (tp=8/20 s) Number of Channels Package Orderable Part Number General Purpose ESD Protection (TVS Discretes and Array) Cont. SPHVxx- 01ETG 30kV 30pF 8A 1 SOD882 (0402) SPHV12-01ETG 30kV 24pF 5A SPHV15-01ETG 24kV 17pF 3A SPHV24-01ETG 15kV 13pF 2A SPHV36-01ETG SPHVxx- 01ETG-C 30kV 60pF 8A 1 SOD882 (0402) SPHV12-01ETG-C 30kV 46pF 5A SPHV15-01ETG-C 24kV 32pF 3A SPHV24-01ETG-C 15kV 25pF 2A SPHV36-01ETG-C SPHVxx- 01KTG-C 30kV 60pF 8A 1 "SOD882 (0402) SPHV12-01KTG-C 30kV 46pF 5A SPHV15-01KTG-C 24kV 32pF 3A SPHV24-01KTG-C 15kV 25pF 2A SPHV36-01KTG-C SPxx- 01WTG-C- HV 30kV 26pF 8A 1 Flipchip (0201) SP12-01WTG-C-HV 30kV 21pF 5A SP15-01WTG-C-HV 18kV 13pF 3A SP24-01WTG-C-HV 10kV 10pF 1.5A SP36-01WTG-C-HV SMxx 30kV 400pF 5V 24A 2 SOT23-3 SM05-02HTG 150pF 12V 17A SM12-02HTG 100pF 15V 12A SM15-02HTG 65pF 24V 7A SM24-02HTG 50pF 36V 5A SM36-02HTG Low Capacitance ESD Protection SP1255P 12kV 0.5pF 4V 4A 3 uDFN-6 SP1255PUTG SP3001 8kV 0.65pF 6V 2.5A 4 SC70-6 SP3001-04JTG SP3002 12kV 0.85pF 6V 4.5A 4 SC70-6 SP3002-04JTG uDFN--6 SP3002-04UTG SP0504S 12kV 0.85pF 6V 4.5A 4 SOT23-6 SP0504SHTG SP3003 8kV 0.65pF 6V 2.5A 2 SC70-5 SP3003-02JTG SOT553 SP3003-02XTG uDFN--6 SP3003-02UTG 4 SC70-6 SP3003-04JTG SOT563 SP3003-04XTG MSOP-10 SP3003-04ATG 8 MSOP-10 SP3003-08ATG SP3004 12kV 0.85pF 6V 4A 4 SOT563 SP3004-04XTG SP3010 8kV 0.45pF 6V 3A 4 uDFN--10 SP3010-04UTG SP3011 8kV 0.4pF 6V 3A 6 uDFN--14 SP3011-06UTG SP3012 12kV 0.5pF 5V 4A 3 uDFN--6 SP3012-03UTG 4 SOT23-6 SP3012-04HTG 4 uDFN--10 SP3012-04UTG 6 uDFN--14 SP3012-06UTG SP3014 15kV 1.0pF 5V 8A 2 uDFN--6L SP3014-02UTG SP0524P 12kV 0.5pF 5V 4A 4 uDFN--10 SP0524PUTG SP3021 8kV 0.5pF 5V 2A 1 SOD882 (0402) SP3021-01ETG ESD Suppresion Design Guide 2016 Littelfuse ESD Suppression Design Guide ESD Suppressor Product Selection Guide (continued) 14

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