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Series Name ESD Level (Contact) I/O Capacitance V RWM Lighting (tp=8/20 s) Number of Channels Package Orderable Part Number General Purpose ESD Protection (TVS Discretes and Array) SP05 30kV 30pF 5.5V N/A 2 SOT23-3 SP0502BAHTG SC70-3 SP0502BAJTG 3 SOT143 SP0503BAHTG 4 SOT23-5 SP0504BAHTG SC70-5 SP0504BAJTG 5 SOT23-6 SP0505BAHTG SC70-6 SP0505BAJTG 6 MSOP-8 SP0506BAATG SP1001 15kV 8pF 5.5V 2A 2 SC70-3 SP1001-02JTG SOT553 SP1001-02XTG 4 SC70-5 SP1001-04JTG SOT553 SP1001-04XTG 5 SC70-6 SP1001-05JTG SOT563 SP1001-05XTG SOT963 SP1001-05VTG SP1002 8kV 5pF 6V 2A 1 SC70-3 SP1002-01JTG 2 SC70-5 SP1002-02JTG SP1003 30kV 30pF 5V 7A 1 SOD723 SP1003-01DTG SOD882 (0402) SP1003-01ETG SP1004 8kV 5pF 6V 2A 4 SOT953 SP1004-04VTG SP1005 30kV 23pF 6V 10A 1 Flipchip (0201) SP1005-01WTG SOD882 (0402) SP1005-01ETG SP1006 30kV 15pF 6V 5A 1 DFN-2 (0201) SP1006-01UTG SP1007 8kV 5pF 6V 2A 1 Flipchip (0201) SP1007-01WTG SOD882 (0402) SP1007-01ETG SP1008 15kV 8pF 6V 3A 1 Flipchip (0201) SP1008-01WTG SP1011 15kV 7pF 6V 2A 4 DFN-6 SP1011-04UTG SP1012 15kV 6.5pF 5V 3A 5 Flipchip 0.94x0.61mm SP1012-05WTG SP1013 30kV 30pF 5V 8A 1 Flipchip 0.54x0.29mm SP1013-01WTG SP1014 12kV 6pF 5V 2A 1 Flipchip 0.54x0.29mm SP1014-01WTG SP1015 20kV 5pF 5V 2A 4 Flipchip 0.93x0.53mm SP1015-04WTG SP1020 30kV 20pF 6V 5A 1 Flipchip 01005 SP1020-01WTG SP1021 12kV 6pF 6V 2A 1 Flipchip 01005 SP1021-01WTG SDxx 30kV 350pF 5V 30A 1 SOD323 (0805) SD05-01FTG 150pF 12V 17A SD12-01FTG 100pF 15V 12A SD15-01FTG 65pF 24V 7A SD24-01FTG 50pF 36V 5A SD36-01FTG SDxx-C 30kV 200pF 5V 30A 1 SOD323 (0805) SD05C-01FTG 100pF 12V 17A SD12C-01FTG 75pF 15V 12A SD15C-01FTG 50pF 24V 7A SD24C-01FTG 30pF 36V 5A SD36C-01FTG SM24CANA 24kV 11pF 24V 3A 2 SOT23-3 SM 24CANA-02HTG SM24CANB 30kV 30pF 24V 10A 2 SOT23-3 SM 24CANB-02HTG SM712 30kV 75pF +12V/-7V 17A 2 SOT23-3 SM712-02HTG TVS DIODE ARRAY - SPA DIODES TVS Diode Arrays offer a high level of protection (up to 30kV per IEC 61000-4-2) with very low capacitance, leakage current and clamping voltage. For more robust applications, Lightning Surge devices are available for EFT and Lightning transient threats per IEC 61000-4-4/5.threats per IEC 61000-4-4/5. 2016 Littelfuse ESD Suppression Design Guide ESD Suppresion Design Guide ESD Suppressor Product Selection Guide (continued) 13

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