Datacenter Circuit Protection Selection Guide Page 3 Datacenter Circuit Protection Selection Guide

Type of Faults Possible Effect of Unprotected Faults Protection Solutions Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Faulty circuit operation, latent defects, and even catastrophic failure of sensitive datacenter equipment Polymer ESD, Multilayer Varistors, TVS Diode Arrays Load Switching Transients in Power Electronics Circuits Equipment failure or faulty operation, leading to downtime or corrupt data Metal Oxide Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes, TVS Diodes Induced Surges (Lightning) Equipment failure leading to downtime Metal Oxide Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes, Protection Thyristors, TVS Diodes Overload / Short Circuit Current Excessive current can result in complete circuit destruction and possible fire, electrocution or explosion. Short circuits can cause arcs, shock and fire hazards Fuses, Resettable PTCs Keep the Datacenter Safe and More Reliable Bussway * The devices illustrated here address only a few of the datacenter areas for which Littelfuse can deliver industry-leading solutions. For a more complete view of Littelfuse solutions by application, consult the selection matrix included in this document. IGBT Module F SMD Fuse E Reed Sensor D PolySwitch PTC C Fast Acting Fuse B Silicon Protection A D E F Backplanes Blades 881 SMD Fuse The 881 Series High-Current SMD Fuse provides a single fuse solution for applications up to 75Vdc. Current ratings from 60A to 100A, eliminate the need to parallel multiple lower-rated fuses or over-spec industrial-type fuses. + _ + _ Input & Return Fuses Input & Return Fuses 'OR' Diodes 'OR' Diodes Power Entry Module A Connector A Connector 1 Circuitry 1 Battery AB Connector 2 Circuitry 2 Connector n Circuitry n Power Entry Module B Connector B Battery B Blade/Line Card PFC Server Blade/Line Card Blade 1 Blade 2 Blade n OC/OV

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